Anyone who has their own urban jungle know very how difficult it can be to get a decent planter for your favourite green gem. That’s why we teamed up with the award-winning Studio deFORM in order to offer an elegant solution at an affordable price: their design revisits the much-loved terracotta pot, giving it a fresh and edgy look while preserving its revered simplicity.

haenke_deFORM_planter I

The planters are a result of meticulous research into the lives and needs of our favourite indoor plants. The planter itself is almost entirely covered by the elevated saucer, playing with the contrast of structures and colours within. Coming in two different sizes, they provide the perfect combination for your urban jungle with the best product design made in Czech Republic.


The PLANTER flower pots will be revealed to the public at the occasion of Designblok where you can find them within deFORM’s installation at the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace in the heart of Prague. From November on, they will be available to pre-order in a limited edition on the websites of both collectives.

To register your interest, you can sign up on this link.

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