Haenke’s Phytolabs are designed to introduce you to phytotherapy, a science-based medical practice, which relies on an empirical appreciation of medicinal herbs and is often linked to traditional knowledge. Find out about herbal products, their medicinal properties, and learn how to use them safely under the guidance of healthcare professionals.


Sessions will be carried out in English and will last approx. 1h30 / 2h. It will include the following:

• Introduction to phytotherapy: what is phytotherapy, the different ingredients that can be used, benefits and risks of using herbal products at home

• Hygiene instructions: hygiene and safety measures during the product-making process, risk of allergy and how to handle the manufacturing procedure before, during and after the use of a homemade product.

• Knowledge of the ingredients: presentation of the ingredients we will work with, their characteristics, uses, benefits as well as their risks.

• Pharmaceutical techniques: learn a product-making technique used by pharmacists and what benefits it brings

• Practice: create a product based on herbal ingredients, and learn how to properly label as well as trace it.

Price per person: 500 CZK

Start: 6pm


Congestion relieve balm: 6 February | 27 February

Winter hands protection balm: 13 February | 20 February

Muscular relaxant balm:  13 March | 20 March


All phytolabs are now fully booked - please watch this space (or our social networks) as we'll be announcing more dates soon!


NOTE: Private sessions for advanced users as well as team-building events can be booked upon personal consultation here.