The very last topic our phytolabs will focus on this year is skin care (and when it’s too dry - which is often the case in the upcoming winter). Until 6 December you can still make your own product - Galen’s cold cream - a famous recipe based on oils and water. In fact you’ll make two creams as we’ll be showing you how the composition changes when the water / oil ratio changes, and how your skin can benefit from it. For vegans: we can make you happy, too. Book your places at GoOut.

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The invention of this amazing aid against dry skin is attributed to Gallen, a physician from ancient Greece. His famous prescription based on water and oils helps fight dry skin as well as eczema and small burns. During our two-hour course, we’ll talk about how skin care works - and how to boost it with natural medicine.

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Last four dates remain this year - 27 and 29 November, and 4 and 6 December. You can book your places via GoOut.

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