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Hænke Botanical Lab

Chvalova 12

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The fundamental mission of our project is to inform the public about medicinal plants and its role in the context of public health. Information provided hereby aim to improve your relationship with medicine, not to substitute it. Using medicinal plants and products made of them must under no circumstances serve as a substitution or addition to medical treatment without prior consultation of a doctor. Information hereby stated are not intended to children, patients already suffering with common disease or pregnant and lactating women, unless stated otherwise. When you buy and use medicinal plants and plant-based products, always prefer good-quality brands, ideally organic, or those whose sourcing can be easily traced. Always make sure you are buying the right plant - it is always its Latin name, gender and type (eg. mint = mentha piperita). To avoid fakes, don't buy plants on the Internet or from dubious resources. Taking medicine in combination with medicinal plants or products based on medicinal plants may provoke side effects - always consult your GP before using them.