Costarican coffee inhibited world markets in a truly quirky way - first big exports went initially to Chile. There, coffee sacks were labeled "Valparaíso" and exported to Great Britain where coffee was enjoying a grand boom. So grand that the British set on a journey to South America in 1825 in a mission to see on their own eyes where such a great coffee was harvested. They obviously never found the plantations, and the Chileans had to reveal the truth.

The extraordinary story of Costarican coffee, a report by Eva Kubátová. 

Eva Kubátová is a historian specialited in Dutch colonial presence in Latin America. She is currently based in Mexico where she works at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. She often contributes to various travel magazines (Koktejl, Lidé a Země), writing about her journeys throughout Mexico and Central America. Last year saw the publication of her book, Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles by the Libri publishing house. She is currently working on a book about Mexico taken from both cultural and historical perspectives. 

Friday, 2 June 2017 from 7pm at Haenke Botanical Lab.

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