Home-made herbal medicines used in the treatment of digestive disorders

Medicinal plants are traditionally used for various indications, particularly of digestive, pain, infections and infestations, genitourinary, respiratory, circulatory, and muscular-skeletal disorders. This workshop is designed to promote and enhance the home-made herbal medicines that can help you heal digestive on a shoestring.

Part of the workshop will address the medicinal plants that are traditionally used for treatment of stomach indigestion, dyspeptic complaints, vomiting and nausea, flatulence and diarrhea, and that can be commonly found in the home garden, meadows, forest or a nearby environment. Participants will learn about the theoretical aspect of the species and proper plant harvesting techniques, and bring home a two plant-based products made with 100% natural ingredients, by you only.

Workshop includes:

- introduction to phytotherapy

- plants and other material

- two products for you to bring home

- mini-book with all necessary information

- small refreshments

Special price!! This workshop is 900 CZK per person.

All workshops have a limited capacity of 8 persons. In order to book your place, please click below and fill in your details.

This workshop will be led in Czech.